Existing suggestions and ambitions

Any suggestions or ideas to improve this forum or jlptstudy.net
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Existing suggestions and ambitions

Postby spurrymoses » Sat Jul 30, 2016 7:47 am

Ideas and suggestions for the website that I already have from previous input and my own ambitions are:

  • Include audio for listening pages - *done* see http://www.jlptstudy.net/N5/?listening_3a
  • Fixing N4 kanji to include on/kun readings
  • Mobile compatibility
  • More recent past exams or remove the reference to specific dates - which might wrongly lead people to conclude they are less relevant *mostly done*
  • Enhancing the Kanji lists to include some small features - such as random choice, maybe a quiz/reveal or something like that (I've already enhanced the look and touch of the kanji lists) - http://www.jlptstudy.net/N5/?kanji-list
  • More content in general, but specifically for N3 and N2 - I've started this recently

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